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The Shape of Things to Come

Scientific knowledge is exploding - estimated to be doubling every five years. So what will golf course maintenance resemble in 2050?

  Editor's note: This isn't a story about how golf courses will be maintained in the socalled "Jetsons" age. It's a story based on technology that's happening now and continues to improve rapidly. The story's sources include Jack Uldrich, a renowned futurist, and three veteran golf course superintendents, whose passion and wherewithal for their profession allow them to take a smart and realistic look at the future of golf course maintenance.
  With respect to "Star Trek" fans, golf course superintendents will not be "beamed" around their golf courses as a way of transport ... (Read More...)

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He Didn't Miss It For the World - Jacobsen's Withers attends Earth Day event at Bear Trace; says golf needs to live up to ...

4/24/2014 - He Didn't Miss It For the World

Jacobsen's Withers attends Earth Day event at Bear Trace; says golf needs to live up to its "environmental credentials"
By Lawrence Aylward/Editorial Director
You have to hand it to David Withers, president of Jacobsen. You know the guy is busier than a brigadier general, but he took time out from his busy schedule Tuesday, April 22, to fly from Charlotte, N.C., where Jacobsen is based, to Chattanooga, Tenn., ...More

4/24/2014 - PBI-Gordon Taking Over as Supplier of Segway

Company partnering with Japan-based manufacturer
Kansas City, Mo.-based PBI-Gordon Corp. is the new supplier of Segway Fungicide SC, a product effective at treating Pythium diseases that can plague cool-season and warm-season turf. Segway is a proprietary product of Japan-based Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha ...More

4/24/2014 - Bernhard and Company Announces Product Enhancements

Anglemaster, Express Dual, Dual Master improvements promote increased efficiency
Bernhard and Company, manufacturer of Bernhard Grinders, blade-sharpening systems for turf cutting machines, announces recent enhancements to several models. The Anglemaster 4000 and 4000DXi now offer a choice of configuration allowing the manufacturer's ...More

4/24/2014 - Aquatrols to Present on Soil Surfactants at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly

Event in Vienna, Austria, will bring together geoscientists from throughout the world
Paulsboro, N.J.-based Aquatrols will present information on soil surfactants at the 2014 European Geosciences Union General Assembly. The scientific gathering, which takes place in Vienna, Austria, from April 27 to May 2, will bring together geoscientists ...More

4/24/2014 - Get a Good Night's Sleep

Tossing and turning can cause serious health issues, study says
Today's golf course superintendents are under a lot of pressure. They work long hours, must deal with irrational golfers and members, and worry about the putting greens being wiped out by disease and/or insect damage. Hence, these superintendents ...More

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